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Hi, welcome on this page! My name is David Tschacher.
I list my recent Android programs here. You can download my apps on Google Play. I hope you find something useful for you!

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Topic Organizer


June 18, 2017

This program helps you organizing and structuring your thoughts and ideas. There is at least one thing this program can do better - in comparison to other text editing apps: Topic Organizer provides the possibilty to nicely organize your topics on a 2D surface. Just zoom out and you'll have a clear overview. More...

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Clash of Crowds


May 29, 2017

Clash of Crowds is an abstract strategy game. Due to the effort of creating animations I used simple geometric objects like lines and in order to round off the design I added blur effects. There are 20 levels to beat. Opponent is a strengthening computer. More...

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Notes & Images


April 18, 2017

This is my first app I created for Android. It is a drawing program. Useful when you have something in mind that needs to be drawn down. More...

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